Our Belief

Our Belief

Man is an extension of God. So, like God, he has creative powers. As a result, God never finishes creating anything, but rather, he begins the process and commits the continuance in the hand of man (Gen. 1:26-28). The reality of this is vivid in Adam (Gen. 2:15, 19-20). When on earth, Jesus was the light of the world. At his exit, we become the light in His stead (Jn. 8:12; Mt. 5:14).

Same is the picture today. God creates every man. But further work, as to his mind development, branding and definition is delegated to man to handle. So, social, economic and spiritual primacy is programmed in man by some other man.

This ‘Man shapes man’ syndrome makes Church a centre for creation of destinies. What a man becomes is not wholly of God, but much more, the quality of inputs injected into him by some other man. When people accept proper pruning, they become prime in life.

People pay fortune to get educated in sensual knowledge at different levels of schooling, but it costs the blood of Jesus to be connected to God. Universities produce graduates. But Church produces believers. What we believe determines what we become, our faith determines our flight.

Who is a believer?

A believer is someone who accepts and esteems the WORD OF GOD as the final word or conclusion over all matters {Ps.119:128}.

A believer is someone who accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. So, HIS WORSHIP is with all intensity and fervency in Spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:23-24)

A believer is someone who accepts PRAYER as the only key to tackle life challenges.

On the above note, as a ministry, we value THE WORD, THE WORSHIP & THE PRAYER, as tenets to ascend God’s Holy Mountain.

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