Ransomed from evil

Background Scripture: Rev.7:1-3, 13-17; Isaiah 51:11

One undeniable policy of heaven highlighted clearly in the Bible is ‘Remnant Escape Policy’. This policy is obvious because, in all matters of destruction following a consequence of sin or act of wickedness, a few must escape or be saved to tell the story (Isa. 1:9; Jer. 23:3; Ezek. 6:8). - This preservative cover over few, which God enforces at evil times or terrible seasons only explains certain qualities of God’s character which is worthy of mention:

  • 1) His mercy (Isa.1:9)
  • 2) His justice (Ezek.14:12-14)
  • 3) His respect for covenant (2 Chr.22:10-12; 21:4-7).

All of these God remembers and considers in His rule and superintendent status over the affairs of men. A number of cases testify to this in the Bible:

  • - In the destruction of the old world in the days of Noah, despite the terrible unbearable circumstance of depravity of men, one still found grace to escape (Gen. 6:5-8). Grace will locate you for escape in Jesus name!
  • - Jericho was under the siege of Israel for mass destruction, and there was no hope of escape to the least of persons, even animals in that land, yet Rahab the harlot escaped it with her household (Joshua 2:9-20; 6:25).
  • - The incident of Job’s affliction presents even more interesting scenario of escapes. At every point of satanic strike on his estate, an escape journalist is recorded (Job 1:13-19). From every satanic siege around you, may you escape, in Jesus name!
  • - Just as it was with Jericho, God faced Sodom and Gomorrah to ground it. Should anyone escape where Angels are the military force? But Lot still escaped (Gen.19:12-13; 2 Pet 2:6-8).
  • - Athaliah was a wicked witch like Jezebel her mother. She was a destroyer of lives per excellence, making Israel’s royal seed her main target (2 Chr.22:10-12). She succeeded in destroying all seed-royal except Joash, who escaped her sword, as the boy was hid in the temple out of her sight for six years. Through the saved Joash, the royal line of David was restored after her six years of reign as ‘woman king’. So the Davidic covenant was preserved, which God has promised him as long as Israel subsists. Athaliah’s onslaught was the devil’s third attempt to destroy the royal line of David, so that God’s word will not stand (2 Chr.21:4,17; 22:1,10). Every fight of the devil over God’s promise on your family, you will escape!

Scripture Text: Rev. 7:1-3, 13-17

Memory Verse: Isaiah 51:11

Prayer Action: Father, let your Grace locate me to escape from every fight of the devil over Your promise on my life and family, in Jesus Name, Amen