Satanic Pull


As we have noted so far, spiritual pull is the causative force behind every happening, both for good and for bad in the affairs of men. Jesus our master, educated us that there’s always a very strong force even behind this cause again. This he called the “strong man” (Lk 11:21-22).

- Ahab the king was a type of strong man, who ordered an army of fifty with a captain to go bring Elijah down from his mountain. The team of military force is the causative force. To some people, a voice of a friend or some other influences is this force that will doom or boom (Prov. 13:20). God speaks about a great mountain that will not stop Zerubbabel (Zach. 4:7). The great mountain was symbolic of a strong man, like Darius 1 who made a decree that the work of the temple must cease (Ezra 4).

- Elijah refused to yield to the enemy’s pull. He would not come down, provoking fire to answer them instead. A Christian may not yield to negative spiritual pull, they may call your name from witches’ coven but you may not answer, rather the fire of God will respond on your behalf (Ps.91). Like Elijah, when you allow the spirit of God pull you. Two masters cannot be in a boat (Isa.42:8; Mt.6:24). David says “God leaded me in the path of righteousness for His name sake.” (Ps 23:3).

- - A Christian who will not yield to negative pull from satanic kingdom will know three things like Elijah:

1. You must know who you are (Jn 1:19-23). Elijah says if I be a man of God. If you don’t know who you are, someone will define you who you should be. Even the pulling force of the kingdom of darkness knows God’s children more than they know themselves. The captain of the fifty addressed Elijah as “Man of God”. It is the children of God themselves that say “if God knows me, why can’t he give me money”. A child of God who fornicates, tell lies, drinks, shouts in the streets or fighting does not know his identity (Jer.2: 21).

2. You should know who they are (Isa. 26:10; Lk.14:28-32). Elijah knows the only language the wicked understands is violence. There are many children of God who say they don’t need to know Satan. What a foolishness! When Jesus Himself would not give His call number to the crowd, because he knew who they were (Jn. 2:24). If Abel knew his brother, he would not have died prematurely (Gen. 4). If Joseph had known his brothers, he would have saved himself the pain of several years. I always pity Christians who always get embittered with everybody around them, even their spouse and helpers. How angered are you on the real enemy - Satan behind the scene? Know who they are! A real-life case of a young man comes to mind here, he got wedded in the afternoon, and at night, with boxers and singlet on him, rose up from bed at past eleven to buy something across the road. His wife protested his going but he neglected the caution. From there, he was arrested for night wandering and spent six years behind bars.

3. You should know who God is. Elijah knew God as a consuming fire (Heb.12:29). Whatever you despise cannot confer benefit on you! If God has the value of ALMIGHTY in our heart, He will be mighty on our matters. How you know God is how he’ll relate with you (Heb.11:6; Philemon 6; James 4:8). God protested that His children does not know him (Isa.1:3). Paul craved to know God (Phil.3:10); Moses also (Ex.33: 12-13). The day you stop ascending, you start descending, responding to enemy’s pull. That shall not be our portion in Jesus Name!

Scripture Text: Luke 11:20-23

Memory Verse: Psalms 23:3

Prayer Action: Holy Ghost, I release myself to you, pull me; destroy every strong man against my peace, in Jesus Name, Amen.