Escape by Substitution

Background scripture: Esther 7:10

- When the anointed Elijah reported Israel to God, probably seeking God to consider them for punishment, God appointed one of the people he reported to replace him (1Kgs.19:13-15). The Bible assures our escape today as much as the ancients were made to escape (Rom. 11:1-6). Dangers of hell is becoming more alarming in our day, so much so that Jesus says that except for special divine assistance, no one shall escape (Mt.24:22; Isa. 5:14).

- So we must work to maximize our grace, so as not to be undone by Satan. How?

1. Love God more (Dt. 33:12). Those who truly love God can walk into witchcraft coven and walk out freely without hurt (Isa. 43:3-4; Ps.91:14). Rather than sudden tragedy, lovers of God are promised unfathomable blessing (1 Cor. 2:9). Peter escaped being used by Satan because of his love for Jesus, but Judas took his place (Lk. 22:31-32; Jn.6:70). With God’s love very active in your heart, you will soon overtake everything that had overtaken your parents.

2. Anointed life (Acts 28:1-6). Those who are anointed of God enjoy protection and preservation by that grace, just like Paul. God promised that such grace is open for grabs to anyone who can believe (Mk. 16:16-17; 1 Cor. 10:13)

- Those who will not escape are God’s enemies (Mt. 23:33; Prov. 11:21). They plan downfall for God’s children but they fulfil their plans on themselves (Pr.11:8; 21:18; Ps.7:15-16; Job 4:8).

Scripture Text: 1 Kgs. 19:13-15

Memory Verse: Esther 7:10

Prayer Action: Oh Lord, empower my heart to love you more; let your anointing rest upon me that I may escape from every snare of the kingdom of darkness, in Jesus Name, Amen.