The Good: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Finally, this helpless traveler found help in a foreigner, a Samaritan (Lk. 10:33-35). You don’t choose where good will come to you, God does (Ps. 75:5-7). When you look around you, you’ll see frustrations and disappointments. When you look down, you will see your limitations. But when you look up, you will see hope and possibilities (Ps.121:1). This is where men do err and hold on to ephemerals. Why would you be angry and keep offense with someone God has not sent to you? Focus on man is a demonstration of faithlessness. Just look unto God! Don’t mind if all you’ve seen is bad and ugly aspect of life, your good is on the way. I’m dejected to know that some people believe that some others cannot see good (Ps. 4:6; 3:2). This is pure poison from hell, please don’t swallow it. God forgets no one. Until God speaks, no bastard can conclude you (Lam.3:37). I’m delighted to know that one day of good will terminate years of bad or evil (Ps. 23:6; 126:5-6). When light comes in, darkness vanishes. Just make sure your angel of good has a comfortable place with you. How? Be born again, pray, follow him dearly, heed his instructions (Ex. 23:20).

Scripture Text: Luke 10:30-37

Memory Verse: Ex. 23:20

Prayer Action: Father, grant me the grace to be obedient to Your Word; turn my sorrow in to joy, in Jesus Name, Amen.